Our behind-the-curtain crew helping bring The Cascadia Project to life.


Alix-anne bush - stage manager

Alix-Anne Bush is a teacher by day and a theatre techie by night.  She's worked as a freelance stage manager and overhire (board op, wardrobe, run crew, assistant stage manager, and box office manager) throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  She's excited for this opportunity to step into the theatre community Vancouver has to offer.

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Daniel Tessy is a Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Composer, and Director working in Vancouver. Some previous directing credits include Submerged and What's New?, both produced in UBC's Brave New Play Rites Festival over the years. Other cool credits include lighting design for True West (Sonderhouse Productions), Frankenstein 1945 (Nebula Theatre) and The Laramie Project (Tomo Suru Productions). His sound design and composition work has been featured in plays like Hamlet (Blackspear productions), Submerged (UBC), and Icleand (Dirt Road Productions). He has received no awards due to his work being consistently ahead of its time.