The 2018 Cascadia Project Festival

Founded by playwright Bryan Wade, The Cascadia Project showcases new works from local Vancouver playwrights. The 2018 Festival features six new plays from six unique voices. Over two weeks at Studio 1398 on Granville Island, The Cascadia Project will debut these vivid, innovative new works in three different programs, featuring two shows each.

Proceeds from “Eight Ways To Fate And All” will go towards three Vancouver charities:



Green Night:

Eight Ways To Fate And All

by Bryan Wade


by Fiona Revill

White Night:

Wayne Gretzky Never Takes It Black

by Issie Patterson

The Hanging Judge

by Andrey Summers

Blue Night:

Destiny USA

by Laura Anne Harris

Pun Pals

by Tommy Grimly



Week 1

  • Wed. Sept 26th, 7:30pm - Green Night

  • Thurs. Sept 27th, 7:30pm - White Night

  • Fri. Sept, 28th, 7:30pm - Blue Night

  • Sat, Sept 29th, 2:00pm - Blue Night

  • Sat, Sept 29th, 7:30pm - White Night

  • Sun, Sept. 30th, 2:00pm - Green Night

  • Sun, Sept. 30th, 7:30pm - White Night

Week 2

  • Wed, Oct 3rd, 7:30pm - Blue Night

  • Thurs, Oct 4th, 7:30pm - Blue Night

  • Fri, Oct 5th, 7:30pm - Green Night

  • Sat, Oct 6th, 2:00pm - White Night

  • Sat, Oct 6th, 7:30pm - Green Night

Note: The October 7th matinee has been cancelled.