The 2018 Cascadia Project Festival

 “These plays aren’t polished old chestnuts but they are vivid, and often charming.”

Cascadia Project Showcases Delightful New Plays on Granville Island” – Connal McNamara, Vancouver

“Part of UBC creative writing professor Bryan Wade’s wider goal of increased visibility for playwrights, the ongoing Cascadia Project play series at Studio 1398, provides a cozy space to engage with the performance process more profoundly.” - Andrew Sandfort-Marchese, the Ubyssey

Eight Ways to Fate and All by Bryan Wade

“…a provocative puzzle of a play.”

“…created a powerful sensation of longing and loss in everybody.”

“…humbled and humanized opioid users and onlookers alike, making it a very worthwhile watch.”  

                                               - Keeley Aliya, the Ubyssey

Pun Pals by Tommy Grimly

“With dramatic bright red lights, imaginative characters and lots and lots of (somehow funny) murder, the play is filled with action and excitement.”

“The play’s fast pace kept me on the edge of my seat,…”

                                                - Ena Krdzalic. the Ubyssey

Wayne Gretzky Never Takes it Black by Issie Patterson

“Wayne Gretzky Never Takes It Black is a charming story about hope, loss, languages and good coffee.”                

                                               - Iain Coates, the Ubyssey

Destiny U.S.A. by Laura Harris

“Ambitious, intimate and proud of it, Destiny U.S.A. is an earnest and touching window into the lives of those cast to the margins of society.”

“I walked away from Destiny U.S.A. deeply touched by the vulnerability and authenticity I’d witnessed on stage.”

                                                - Andrew Sandforth-Marchese, the Ubyssey

Oaks by Fiona Revill

“There are some good moments in the form of decent deadpan humour that tick the “comic relief” box.”

“Noren has an earnest energy about her and…delivers a genuinely powerful, emotional moment in the scene…There’s real, raw pain in her voice when she talks about how afraid she is of her beloved tree…”

                                              - Katherine Dornian, the Ubyssey

The Hanging Judge by Andrey Summers

“Wow. What a privilege to have seen this…we both ate this one up.”

“It’s a show I will be thinking about for a long time, and one I would absolutely see again.”

                                                          - Theatre Addicts

“The more I think about The Hanging Judge, the more I like it. Summers used a fantastical setting to tell a story about real-world issues, such as imperialism, race and abuse.”

                                               - Iain Coates, the Ubyssey