The 2018 Cascadia Project Festival

Founded by playwright Bryan Wade, The Cascadia Project showcases new works from local Vancouver playwrights. The 2018 Festival features six new plays from six unique voices. Over two weeks at Studio 1398 on Granville Island, The Cascadia Project will debut these vivid, innovative new works in three different programs, featuring two shows each.

Proceeds from “Eight Ways To Fate And All” went towards three Vancouver charities:


Eight Ways To Fate And All

With a company of five actors playing twenty roles, Eight Ways to Fate and All tells different stories about various characters impacted by illicit opioid use. This one-act play attempts to inform, open conversations and transform attitudes. Illicit opioid use affects every level of society, from the suburbs to the downtown alley to the high rise condo.



Bryan Wade is a playwright, radio dramatist, & novelist. Stage plays have been produced in Toronto, Seattle and Chicago, radio dramas broadcast in Canada/Australia.

Recently, Chatterbox Audio Theater produced Scavenge as a podcast. He teaches in UBC’s Creative Writing. Upstart Crow Literary in New York currently represents his YA novels.



Daniel Tessy is a Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, Composer, and Director working in Vancouver. Some previous directing credits include Submerged and What's New?, both produced in UBC's Brave New Play Rites Festival over the years. Other cool credits include lighting design for True West (Sonderhouse Productions), Frankenstein 1945 (Nebula Theatre) and The Laramie Project (Tomo Suru Productions). His sound design and composition work has been featured in plays like Hamlet (Blackspear productions), Submerged (UBC), and Icleand (Dirt Road Productions). He has received no awards due to his work being consistently ahead of its time.



  • Scott Brydle

  • Jessica Quartel

  • Kyle John Brogan

  • Brynn La Croix

  • Stephanie Hamer

Costume Design by Johane Meehan


David, a young man harbouring a secret, and his precocious kid sister, Georgia, are reunited at their mother’s funeral, when Georgia refuses to come down from a tree.


Fiona Revill is an award-winning actress, writer, director and producer. She is the co-founder of Red Square Collective, Ltd, a theatre, film and new media production company based out of Vancouver, Canada and Sydney, Australia. Her first feature film directorial debut, We Three, is currently in post-production, due out in 2019. She’d like to thank Yozhik.



  • Scott Brydle - David

  • Millicent Noren - Georgia

Set Design by Vera Summers

Wayne Gretzky Never Takes It Black

A comedy-drama about two baristas who must save the independent cafe they work in -- a bilingual community hub in Sherbrooke, Quebec -- from being turned into a Starbucks.



Issie Patterson is a writer and musician from Toronto. Her plays have been performed in Halifax, Nova Scotia and here in Vancouver. She has been an English teacher in a village in northern France, an adventure guide in the mountains of Whistler, a facilitator at a bilingual kids' camp in rural Nova Scotia, and now finds herself writing, biking, and tour-guiding in Vancouver.



Madelaine has been directing for a little over a year on shows such at Bedtime and Night School with the UBC Players Club, Saturday's For the Boys with Brave New Play Rites, and Inside the Box with the IGNITE! Youth Festival. She looks forward to pursuing her passion for directing, and in the meanwhile spends her time stage managing and playing Dungeons and Dragons.



  • Kyle John Brogan - Rowan

  • Elana Mabrito - Carmen

  • Haris Amiri - Anders

  • Gilles Nduwimana - Mel

  • Anais Collin - Sophie

  • Nathan Smith - Edward

The Hanging Judge

In a midnight cemetery outside Napoleonic London, two trolls hold a mock trial to decide the fate of a Chinese expatriate, presided over by the hanged corpse of a racist judge. It’s a comedy.



Andrey has been writing and producing theatre for many years. His play A Snowflake on the Tongue of Oberon, for example, won the Sydney Arts Guide’s 2015 Best Fringe Comedy award. He's pursuing his MFA in Creative Writing at UBC, and writes for under the pseudonym "Andrey Summers”. He would always like to thank Fiona.



  • Vinnie Riel as Blemish

  • Nathanael Vass as Chantecler

  • David Quast as Judge

  • Mike Li as Bill

Set Design by Vera Summers

Destiny USA

When Laura moves down to the US after getting married she didn't anticipate the cultural climate of Trump's America. However as she interacts with 'real' America as a Relay Operator for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, she learns that Obama's hope isn't necessarily dead just yet. Inspired by true events, details have been changed to protect the anonymity of the callers



Laura Anne Harris is a Internationally renowned solo performer and playwright. Her solo show, Pitch Blonde has toured across North America and most recently at the Ware Center in Lancaster, PA, and the Toronto Centre for the Arts. Her first full length play Red/Rouge premiered at the IF Theatre Festival in Bangkok, Thailand. She currently a Creative Writing Masters Candidate at the University of British Columbia. 


Sound Design by Alex Eddington

Pun Pals

It's a normal, awful day at work for Rosey and Gilda. Then, they discover they can only speak in puns. Chaos ensues. 



Tommy Grimly's plays have been performed in New York City, Washington DC, Long Island, and Vancouver. He's currently pursuing his MFA in Creative Writing at The University of British Columbia. He doesn't have a cat. But one day, he hopes to have a cat.



  • Kathryn Robinson as Gilda

  • Veronica Bonderud as Rosey

  • Sean Mawhinney as Customer/Cafe Owner/Various

  • Peter Takach as Various


Stage Manager: Alix-Anne Bush

Lighting Design by Daniel Tessy