The Hanging Judge

In a midnight cemetery outside Napoleonic London, two trolls hold a mock trial to decide the fate of a Chinese expatriate, presided over by the hanged corpse of a racist judge. It’s a comedy.


andrey summers - playwright/director/producer

Andrey has been writing and producing theatre for many years. His play A Snowflake on the Tongue of Oberon, for example, won the Sydney Arts Guide’s 2015 Best Fringe Comedy award. He's pursuing his MFA in Creative Writing at UBC, and writes for under the pseudonym "Andrey Summers”. He would always like to thank Fiona.

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Vinnie riel - blemish

Former motorcycle mechanic, turned actor, Vinnie Riel enjoys performing in independent horror and comedy plays. He has performed with Spectral Theatre Society for eight years and has been in over thirty of their productions. From the spine chilling The Windigo, to high flying kung-fu action in Immortal Combat, Vinnie was able to deliver a one, two punch of live action excitement to all of those who witnessed these fantastic shows. 

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nathanael vass - chantecler

Nathanael! He’s an actor and a filmmaker (and I guess also a lighting technician, but that’s less important right now). He’s tremendously excited to be on stage again for the first time in six years (unless you count drunk Shakespeare, which, okay, maybe he does). With a sharp eye you might spot him on TV (iZombie or the upcoming seasons of Project Blue Book or The Detour). Nathanael is also an excellent source of riboflavin.

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david quast - judge

David (a graduate of the Douglas College Theatre Program) is over the moon and on the other side of the stars to be working with/for/near Andrey Summers once more. He is likewise flabbergasted and overjoyed to be a part of such a wonderfully weird and terrifically talented cast. And would like to thank you for not only coming to see the show, but reading this here blurb. Thanks eversomuch.

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mike li - bill

Originally from Hong Kong and adopting Vancouver as his home, Mike has been working in the film industry for over 8 years, steadily building his credits with roles in various film and television projects such as “Salvation”, “The Man in the High Castle”, and summer blockbuster “Skyscraper”. A lifelong student of the martial arts, he seeks to incorporate his training into everything he does creatively. He currently resides in Surrey BC and hates having to write about himself in the third person

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Vera's passion for design developed early, spearheading redecorating projects around the house. She's worked as a Stager/Interior Designer for 10 years, and has recently decided to focus on set design. Vera loves all aspects of the design process - from conceptualizing to hands-on building/sewing/painting projects.


Performances at studio 1398

  • Thurs. Sept 27th, 7:30pm

  • Sat, Sept 29th, 7:30pm

  • Sun, Sept. 30th, 7:30pm

  • Sat, Oct 6th, 2:00pm

previous reviews for andrey summers’s work

“Chock-full of dark humour and irony” - Review Vancouver, 2010 The Hanging Judge

“Lovestruck: Entertaining and Polished” - Plank Magazine, 2011 Lovestruck

“Cult storytelling” - Vancouver Is Awesome, 2009 A Christmas Carol

“Red Square Collective appears to be a thriving company with a bright future” - Sydney Arts Guide, 2015 A Snowflake on the Tongue of Oberon (Winner, Sydney Arts Guide, Best Fringe Comedy 2015)